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Commanders and Conventions!

Hello everyone! We recently posted a new update to the Kickstarter (which you can find here) about what’s new with the game and where you can find us next. We’ve launched our pledge manager as well as our Tabletop Sim version...
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The Convention Countdown!

Hey Everyone! This is going to be a short post, because we have a lot to do before the end of the year! Here’s the last few conventions we’ll be attending in 2017! PAX UNPLUGGED: Three PAXs in one year?!...
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August 2017 Rules Updates

Hey robot fighters! This is a rules update post! As we have now released the demo to our backers, that also includes some new rules changes that we’ll be trying while people are actively playing the game. Download the new...
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Backer Demos are Here!

Demos are Here! Hey everyone, if you are a Kickstarter Backer, please direct yourself to the newest Kickstarter Update! The Tabletop Simulator Demo So here we have the full demo for Tabletop Simulator. It’s pretty much got it all. All...
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Come see us at GenCon!

Hello everyone, We’re going to be at GenCon from Wednesday through Saturday, and if you’ve been keeping up with our latest Facebook posts you’ll know we have several events in the event hall going on as well! Everyone in the...
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Post-Kickstarter Progress, Volume 1

Hey everyone! It’s been a month since the Kickstarter wrapped, and we’ve been working hard and making a lot of progress! Check out the most recent update on our Kickstarter page to read all about it. We also now do...
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The Kickstarter is a Wrap!

Hello everyone! Our Kickstarter has ended with a bang, reaching 300% funding by the end! With that level of funding, we’ve managed to flesh out the core box with many awesome components: The box now has a total of 100...
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The Last 48 Hours of the A.E.G.I.S. Kickstarter!

Hello everyone! We currently have less than 48 hours to go on our Kickstarter and we are so grateful for everyone’s support. In the time we have left, we’d love to ask you one last time to spread the word...
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AEGIS - Returning to KS May 9th

Kickstarter Returns: May 9th

Hello everyone! Exciting news . A.E.G.I.S. will be relaunching on Kickstarter on May 9th. Originally set for April 18th, we’ve got some new info and numbers to work with, so we’re pushing it back a few weeks. In April we...
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