Backer Demos are Here!

Demos are Here!

Hey everyone, if you are a Kickstarter Backer, please direct yourself to the newest Kickstarter Update!

The Tabletop Simulator Demo

So here we have the full demo for Tabletop Simulator. It’s pretty much got it all.

  • All 100 Core Robots, separated and organized in three different ways.
    First, we have a bag that has all the cards and pieces. All the cards and pieces are named, so you can use the bag’s search function to find what you need if you know what you’re looking for. Typing “ARK” will show all “ARK” robots, etc.
    Second, we have all the robots sorted by Class and Level, so if you’re just exploring the game and team building and want to know what all the A-Class robots are, here you go.
    And Third, we have the 8 preconstructed Commander Teams you’ll find in the box upon release. If you’re just starting out, start by using these. Along with these precon teams, there are two other bags that have Expansion Content, Stellar Ascent and Kickstart Dawn, which contain level 4/5 robots and the new backer Commanders.
  • Several different boards. 2-player, 4-player and 6-player, with and without pre-set terrain. We have terrain tokens that you can use to customize these. We also include 2-player and 4-player boards and point trackers for the Point Control game mode.
  • Reminder tokens for buffs, debuffs, damage, etc, though we do encourage using Tabletop Sim’s dice to track damage since it’s easier.
  • Reference cards for basic game-play reference, how to use Tabletop Sim for AEGIS specifically, and more specific quick-refs for things like draft rules and point control scoring.
  • A rulebook that’s available on the in-game iPad.

What’s not included but will be at a later date:

  • There are no final terrain tiles in the demo like the ones you’ll find in the box, but we do give you single-hex terrain tokens that function the same. Though this means you can’t make custom Point Control boards in this version.
  • The Machineless Commanders, which are still be designed and tested.
  • Final art on some robots
  • Final board art for 4p and 6p boards

Why Tabletop Sim?

So Tabletop Simulator is $20, sometimes $10 depending on if there’s a sale, but it’s very worth it as it gives you online multiplayer access to hundreds and hundreds of great games. It has many robust features and built-in assets and is just an overall impressive program that I would recommend to everybody.

The Print & Play Demo!

It has mostly all the same content as the above, except for custom terrain pieces. Instructions included inside!

Have fun cutting and pasting, send us pictures!

A.E.G.I.S. is now officially in Closed Beta!

All the content contained in the demo is subject to changes and updates over the course of the next 6 weeks or so. We look forward to you playing many games! You can find players to play Tabletop Sim with on our Discord Channel.

Give us all the feedback you can via our SURVEY!

After you play some games, you can fill this out to give us game-play and balance feedback. Help us make the best robot fighting game possible.

Get Access!

We will have late backing up via PledgeManager soon. Anyone who pre-orders the game will have access to these demos!

Fight and Unite