Two Cons, Two Timezones, Too Many Cough Drops

2017 is well underway now and we all know that means…CONVENTION TIME, and we’re ready to kick off the season with a bang! These next few weeks we’ll be attending. the game dev conference to end all conferences, and the biggest convention on the East Coast, PAX East!

But first, AEGIS Updates!

  1. We’re moving ahead with getting a new Kickstarter up for AEGIS, with the target now being April.
  2. We’re swimming in production and shipping costs and estimates! So the new KS page is drafted, but lots of stuff isn’t final, so we’re not showing it for private/public review yet.
  3. We are waiting on three major things, in this order: New board art, new gameplay videos, new Kickstarter video. Once we get board art, we can film the new assets, and once we get new assets filmed, it can be incorporated into the new KS video.
  4. In the meantime, we’ve been creating/revising art and graphics for the game and KS page, and sending out more review copies.

It’s coming!!

GDC 2017:

gdc17_logoGDC or the Game Developers Conference is a HUGE conference in San Francisco.  It also happens to be right before PAX East this year!  Breeze, Sarah, and our artist Emily are all flying out for a week of meeting other game devs, both tabletop and digital, as well as some of the best industry related talks and parties!  We’re looking forward to seeing old friends, making new ones, and eating a couple sushiritos while we’re there!


PAX EAST 2017:

pax-east-2017-logoThe biggest convention on the East Coast, PAX East!  GDC won’t slow us down, we’re ready for one of our favorite conventions of the year located at the BCEC in Boston!

We’ll be in the tabletop free play area for three days straight of playing demos with our awesome fans!  Come see how the game has been updated since last year we want your feedback and we love talking with you guys!

Like last year, many of our team members are on panels this year, everything from designing your own giant robot game, in the trench stories from QA, to the very popular Battle Decks which makes a return appearance!  We’ll be on multiple panels, so come learn about robots and board games from the experts themselves!

Our PAX East Panels!

Fighting Robots:  Attacking a Theme from Different Angles

Fighting Robots PAX Ad

fighting roobots


Who lives fighting robots? We do. Five different game makers each created a different tabletop game with a similar theme at around the same time – all from the same inspirations. How did that happen? Come and learn about what it means to adapt a theme into a game, and how it can stand out from the crowd even when there are other, similar titles on the market.

The Robot Games are:



Ryan Richford [Creative Designer, Zephyr Workshop], William Hessian [Designer, Hidden Ladder Games], Patrick Fahy [Designer, Off the Shelf Games], Don Mitchell [Designer, Eye4Games], Alex Cheng [CEO, Cardboard Dynamo], Cooper Heinrichs [Designer, Outchasers]


Battle Decks: Game Pitch Karaoke


Cuttlefish Theater Saturday 3/11 6:oopm – 7:00pm

Returning and better than ever! Game developers go head-to-head, pitching games from PowerPoints that they’ve never seen before! Will this be where you hear the next great AAA game concept? Audience participation encouraged! Presented by the Woo! Game Pile, a local game developer collective, this live game show will feature a bunch of creatives improvisationally pitching games and providing lots of laughs – and prizes! There will also be time for attendees to come up on stage!


Jacob Peltola [Creative Director, Box Mountain Games], Nick Mudry [Project Manager, Harmonix], Cian Rice [Director, Spraoi], Rejon Taylor-Foster [CEO, Maximum Crash], Jacqueline Gavin [Public Relations, Maximum Crash], Sarah Como [COO, Zephyr Workshop]

Battle Decks: Game Pitch Karaoke: Saturday, 9:00PM – 10:00PM, in the Bumblebee Theater


The Trenches: War Stories of Game Testing



Designers design, programmers program, artists create art, QA Testers… Play the game and get paid for it? Not really. Learn from Quality Assurance professionals from six different studios what the job of being in QA really means, how it benefits a team and your favorite titles, and how it may even be a career worth investing in!


Breeze Grigas [QA, Tencent Boston], Oleg Brodskiy [QA, Irrational Games], Renzo Heredia [Audio QA, Harmonix], Sarah Como [QA, Disruptor Beam], Chris Chung [QA, Subatomic Studios], Jimmy Beals [QA Manager, Alliance Digital Media]

Bumblebee Theater: Friday 3/10 4:30pm – 5:30pm 


The Robot you’ve all been waiting for…




Finally, we’ll have a brand new promo card for people who stop by our booth for a demo! It’s an awesome piece of alternate art for the ENDER-5000, supplies are limited so be sure to stop by for a game!

It’s going to be a busy couple of weeks, but we’re ready are you? We can’t wait to both see old fans and meet a bunch of new ones!

So until next time….