World of A.E.G.I.S.

The World

The planet Sigeia is where the Great Robot War rages on. The main continent is split into five main warring nations, all of which are dotted with mysterious, ancient, and well-armed robots from before the planet’s colonization.

The Robots

These machines long laid dormant all across the globe, a relic of a different age. Their true purpose long-forgotten, they’re now used to wage battle and maintain territory, taking the place of most conventional war machines. They operate on a circuit, only being able to activate in the vicinity of at least four other robots. They utilize a mysterious energy source and have bodies made up of a material that can self-repair and change shape, allowing them to unite into larger, more devastating forms.

Those who control these squads of robots are known as Commanders and are humans of great natural talent. 

The Nations

A great arms race is ensuing between the five great nations of Sigeia: who can uncover the most powerful combination of these mysterious robots and bring an end to the conflict?



The nations of Sigeia are vastly different, much like each class of robot. Each nation uses specific classes of robots in combat, and all are racing to become the first to combine their team into an A.E.G.I.S. class robot.


Allied Provinces:

This is a newly independent nation located in the northern mountainous regions of the continent.  The miners and farmers who lived here rebelled against the Empyreal Realm and won, largely through the hero Ainer being the first to awaken  and use the ancient robots.  They are in constant conflict with the Empyre to the south to retain their freedom, but have a hope for eventual peace.  There is an uneasy military alliance between them and the Great States, due to their common enemy.



Empyreal Realm:

The oldest and largest nation, the Empyreal Realm was the greatest power in the world for many generations.  They have long traditions of military might, a loyal populace willing to die for the Empyre— and strong rulers willing to take advantage of this fact.  The Empyre has been stagnating culturally and militarily, however, due to constantly fighting wars on multiple fronts against the Great States in the East, and constant vigilance against the Iris Dominion‘s frequent incursions.  They are running out of resources due to losing the Allied Provinces and from gaining another war front in the process.



Great States:

The Great States is the second newest great Sigeian power, sandwiched in the flat lands between the Empyre and the Iris Dominion. It originated from a seed of dissent planted in the Empyre by the Dominion’s spies and provocateurs that grew outward rapidly, morphing into a distinct nation. Its culture is deep-rooted in the belief of a strong “free” government, but that government is corrupted to its core due to never-ending, grinding, slow-moving bureaucracy.  Its people kept their old Empyreal stubbornness and believe they can win any battle through attrition.  It is under constant attack by the Empyre, and is victim to high-level Iris Dominion espionage that only compounds the bureaucracy’s inefficiencies. 



Iris Dominion:

The Iris Dominion is an old, powerful nation with an isolationist culture. It keeps tabs on world affairs for its own nefarious purposes. The Dominion claims to have no military, and instead has dozens of small infiltration units and a large network of spies. Through covert operations, the Iris Dominion manipulates the world at large to bolster their own prosperity. They were in a long running, losing battle against the Empyre, which led them to create the Great States as a buffer. Led by a secretive high council, their survival depends on the fear other nations have of their influence– no one knows how deep their infiltration goes.


Sector Authority:

The Sector Authority is the smallest but most technologically advanced nation. They have control over the only space elevator on the planet, so they control the upper atmosphere and all space-based resources. This small group separated from the Empyre and Iris Dominion a long time ago, strengthening themselves by taking their technology and knowledge with them. The Sector Authority acts as a global police force, preventing a full-on world war on the planet, though they lack the resources to make a larger and more lasting impact. They have a very small presence on Sigeia’s surface itself, instead focusing all their energy and resources on a space colony and satellite network above the planet.

The Commanders

Hailing from each nation are Commanders — those who are capable of forming a link with a squad of robots and controlling all of them at once in combat. They are the main characters behind all the robot mayhem.

Ainer – First Pilot

Reluctant hero of the Allied Provinces, clever guerrilla tactician, and the first to realize that you need five robots in one location in order to activate them, Ainer’s fate is tied to these mechanical marvels. While at times this lanky youth may not feel confident in his public persona, wearing multiple layers to make himself seem more imposing, he is a true leader, destined for greatness, both on the battlefield and off.

Etwal – Third Heir

Supreme, unshakable pride emanates from master aviator Etwal. His supremacy as the Empyreal Realm’s “undefeated hero” is known far and wide, with varying subtext. Etwal has never lost a battle, though he is sometimes the only one to return. Etwal’s allies and enemies alike are disposable offerings to the Empyre’s everlasting magnificence. He proves his loyalty to the royal family through feats of combat, even though he is third in line to the throne. Those lucky enough to escape from a battle with Etwal, enemies and allies included, herald him as the fiercest warrior alive.

Gamound – Setting Sun General

A third-generation military tactician with a flair for the dramatic and a penchant for troublemaking, Gamound is a wild card in a stagnant nation of rampant bureaucracy. An unsung hero of the Great States, his promotion-by-clerical-error to general has led some to believe his successful defense of the Western border with the Empyre is merely a fluke. His followers know otherwise.

Ixa – Prime Possessor

A shadow in the night, a hushed whisper behind closed and locked doors, Ixa is the shrewd and ruthless boogieman of the Iris Dominion’s spy network. Known and unknown by all at the same time, no secrets are beyond the grasp of this hacker and hunter extraordinaire. If you witness the eye on her mask, odds are the next thing you’ll see is a black bag over your head. Assets come in all types, after all.

Stell – Mediation Officer

Viewed as naive by some, and overly meddling by most (even among the Sector Authority’s global peacekeeping forces), Stell strives for good in a world at war. A firm believer in justice, the saving power of technology, and offering a helping hand for any who need it, her drive is evident in all that she does. Her sense of purpose contributed directly to her combining the first Level-5 robot in the conflict.

Poppet – Bomb Duelist

A former duchess of a small country until the Empyre took it over with quick and brutal force, Poppet was their last defender, but she could not save her people.  Instead she remembers the bloodshed and swore vengeance on Etwal. Now the battlefield is her home and she flies from conflict to conflict, destroying Empyreal robots as retribution for her dead nation. Maniacal laughter and explosions in the distance mark a successful bombing run for Poppet.

Diane – Rogue Rifle

Former master sniper of the Empyre, Diane’s loyalties now lie with the civilians impacted by this war. A defender of the border dwellers, her shots level the field between those who would conquer and those who would fall. Even with a ramshackle, pieced-together robot, she stands as a bastion against the ongoing and endless conflict between the five factions.

Ryos – Bolt Bringer

Only weak pilots need the protection of nations.  Ryos is a physically powerful Commander who notoriously excels at his chosen profession.  Once part of the Iris Dominion, their “cowardly” methods of combat drove Ryos to find mightier robots and more money as a mercenary.  His favored robots have the ability to steal energy or destroy their foes utterly, depending on if the target is needed alive or dead.  He looks for the strongest opponents, and believes he can easily crush anyone who stands up to him. He claims to have done that to the robot he made his gauntlets out of… with his bare hands.