Mini-Update: Delays!!

A Merry Robotmas to all!!

I come to you today with good news and bad news in the form of a mini update, with our usual big, meaty Kickstarter Update coming before New Years.

  • 1. Since PAX Unplugged we’ve all been working hard, and the good news is the game is almost all done!
  • 2. Even though all the assets are nearly done, the game will be facing a 1-3 month delay. Exact timeline will be in the update. The summary is: we ship all the assets to our manufacturer by New Years, they make a proof, we edit anything that’s messed up, and then the production and ship-to-the-USA process will take a few weeks, with the big variable being Chinese New Year tying up production. Our big goal is to have boxes in our hands in time for PAX East in mid-April, ideally though the game will be in our hands well before then so we can ship them to you. This delay is unfortunate, but man is there a lot of content in this box, and each thing we added extended our timeframe. It’s a failing of mine for not getting this out when promised, but it will be worth the wait, and it’s not too long of a delay.
  • 3. An update to the Tabletop Simulator and Print and Play demos is also coming in the next update, sorry for the delays with this as well.
  • 4. We’re closing late backing/pre-orders on the 31st, so if you dear reader are still in the $1-5 zone, or you know a friend who likes robots, there are just a few days left to get your order in.

That’s all folks. Unwrap those presents and have a joyous holiday.