August 2017 Rules Updates

Hey robot fighters!

This is a rules update post! As we have now released the demo to our backers, that also includes some new rules changes that we’ll be trying while people are actively playing the game.

Download the new A.E.G.I.S. Rulebook Here

Organization Changes

The Table of Contents is now accurate!

Game-Play Rules Changes

No changes. Game still works the way it’s been working.

Attribute Rules Changes

  • AIMED now prevents Damage from being altered, as well as Accuracy. Your Aimed attacks now ignore all damage boosts, but also defense buffs.
  • DISARM now doesn’t affect robots at levels 3 or higher. If you’re down to your last high-level robot, you can’t get locked down and out of the game by low-level threats.

Passive Rules Changes

  • Parting Shot and Parting Cannon have been added to the game, found on Evasive and Support Class robots. If a robot with these abilities is destroyed, it will deal 1 or 2 damage respectively an an enemy (or ally) within a certain range, usually the same range as the user’s main attack.

    S-Class robots with Parting Shot will be able to hit foes from very far away, helping your allies even in the scrapheap, whereas E-Class robots with the ability will hit those close-by to soften up the enemy’s vanguard or finish off the enemy it started on.

  • Ixa now has “Ambuscade” for her Commander Ability. It allows you to score Rerolls on enemies with full health, helping out aggressive attackers and weaker precision robots alike.
  • Stell now has “Arrest Mandate” for her Commander Ability. Slightly different from the original Arrest Mandate found on Ixa, this version now gives your robots Rerolls on enemies you’ve already attacked this turn. Stell herself is also now equipped with a 100% Accuracy Laser, meaning anything she shoots will trigger Arrest Mandate for your other robots.
  • Diane’s “Rogue Decoy” now triggers at the end of the turn. This is a small quality of life change. Instead of choosing the wrong robot at the start of the turn, this ability now lets you do everything on your turn and then choose the most optimal robot to give Retaliate to.
  • Poppet’s “Lone Crusade” now gives her a “prevent 1 damage” buff when she’s alone on the board instead of granting Evade 2. Evade 2 is simply too good on a Basic Robot, and the counterplay was specific and narrow.
  • Ryos’s Showdown” now gives all your robots Reroll 1 if they target a lone enemy on the board. Dogpile away!

We have also included all the new Commander Abilities for the five new Kickstart Dawn Commanders.

If you have any questions, concerns or feedback, please contact info @

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