The Kickstarter is a Wrap!

Hello everyone!

Our Kickstarter has ended with a bang, reaching 300% funding by the end! With that level of funding, we’ve managed to flesh out the core box with many awesome components:

  • The box now has a total of 100 robots!
    • Two NEW Quadra robots, making 5 in the box
  • It comes with 5 different decks, a core deck and 4 expansions
    • Arc Buster: 52 cards, 40 robots, and 4 teams
      • Contains Ainer, Etwal, Gamound, and Ixa and centers around the basic strategies of Attack, Move, Push/Defend and Control
    • Lightning Chaser: 24 cards, 20 robots and 2 teams
      • Includes Stell and Ryos as well as Energy Burn and Combat Drop mechanics
    • Tandem Rogues: 24 cards, 20 robots and 2 teams
      • Introduces Diane and Poppet as well as explosive Area of Effect attacks and stat buffs
    • Stellar Ascent: 12 cards, 10 robots including high-tier ones!
      • Contains new combined robots, like the first level 4 and 5 robots!
    • Kickstart Dawn: 16 cards, 10 robots, and new strategies!
      • Includes backer commanders and new combined robots

We’re continuing work on the game in all areas to make sure it’s the best it can be. New board art is being commissioned, backer commanders are going to be drawn, new unlocked robots will be illustrated, and some robots are even getting upgraded art! The box art is going to be finalized while the box sleeve poster is created. Cards, tokens, and punchboard files are going to be edited to accommodate new content, the Art and Scenario book will be laid out, and the rulebook, reference cards, and other minor components will be gone over to assure their quality. Mechanics and robots will be reassessed to keep them from becoming overpowered, and the new backer commanders and their robots will be constantly rebalanced as they’re created. We want to make the game as good and streamlined as possible! Alongside all this, we’re making sure the box actually fits all our new stuff! Then we’ll be able to order everything and finally deliver it!

We’ll be sending out the Tabletop Sim and Print and Play files to Deluxe backers in mid-to-late July, these will feature all robots except possibly backer commanders and finalized art. Then in mid August we’ll be opening the Pledge Manager where you can adjust your pledges with new add-ons. Also in mid August is Gen Con! We’ll be running several Gen Con events as well as helping out at the Greenbrier Games booth if you’d like to come say hi! We’d like to have the game be print-ready in mid-to-late October. By then new and final cards will be added to the deluxe backers’ Tabletop Simulator and Print and Play for consideration before A.E.G.I.S. is shipped to the printers. In November we’ll be at PAX Unplugged to meet you with new print proofs. Finally, in late January, backers will start receiving their games!

In case you haven’t been closely following the Kickstarter, later on we’ll be posting here to give you information about all the commanders and the world of Sigaea as well as different aspects of the game itself.

Fight and Unite!