AEGIS Starter Set Box Contents

We’ve put in a lot of hard work this year to update our assets and make sure we’re giving you guys the best game we can! With the Kickstarter approaching, we’re excited to reveal the finalized contents for the A.E.G.I.S. Core Set: Arc Buster and Sky Guard! We’ve been working with several incredibly talented artists to help illustrate A.E.G.I.S., and we think you’ll love the results.

First is the front of the boxes, with some epic updated art from the incredibly talented Maung Thuta!  The Arc Buster features the newly named ENDER-5000 (previously known as ENDER-SNO) and EXCEL-GAN is displayed on Sky Guard!

New Box Art



Brand New Commanders:

We’ve been hard at working creating and designing two brand new Commanders!  Keep an eye out for these characters, we’ll reveal them very soon!  To get a feel for them, here’s a look at their robots, also drawn by the talented Maung.




Updated Card Layouts:

At PAX East 2016, we revealed a brand new card layout through our promo cards! We’ve been working Dan Green, an brilliant graphic designer, to continue to refine the design, and we’ve arrived at a finalized look!  The card is easier to read, the robot image is larger, the action symbols have been updated and there’s now a background!

ARM-777ARM-777 New Card










So, what IS in the Box?!

Each box will feature four commanders with pre-constructed team of seven robots for a fast start time.   Each team will contain three combined units, including one rank three robot!

That means each box will come with forty playable robots, perfect for mixing and creating your favorite new team combinations!


The Box Breakdown:




We hope you’ve enjoyed this look into the new and improved AEGIS core set! Keep an eye out for even more exciting details as we rapidly approach the Kickstarter!