Take 5 August: Rules and Reviews

Summer has come and gone and we move into the final months before our Kickstarter! In this last sunny and warm month we cover Kickstarter updates, exciting new rules, and a review of A.E.G.I.S. from Techraptor!

With that, here are the top five news headlines for August 2016!

GenConEventThe main event this month was GenCon in Indianapolis! Breeze and Sarah returned to the best board game convention in the U.S., and spend a week spreading the gospel of combining robot from the Greenbrier Games booth! We had a great time, and want to thank everyone for filling up our many events across four days!

While there, we caught up with a bunch of other designers and reviewers including Carmen Bellaire, who wrote a wonderful review for us back in May!



We’ve been working to update and edit the rule book for our Kickstarter and here are some exciting *new* addition to the rules!  First up is an optional combine rule.  Both players may start the game with a scrap token, which can be spent at any point in the game to combine with a destroyed robot!  We also added a new attack type called “Control” which allows the IKA class of robot to move its target a specified number of hexes in any direction!




Draft Rules

Considering that the game now has over 80 robots, team building can be daunting task.  We’re been developing a draft format that can quickly and easily be played right of the box!  We’ve gone through several iterations during our playtest meetings, and it’s developing well. Stay tuned for more information!




The Kickstarter with our publisher, Greenbrier Games, is close to being finalized and we’ll be launching by the end of fall.  Stay tuned for more info on tiers, stretch goals, and the Kickstarter page! We’ll post on our social media when everything is ready, so keep an eye out.





The great guys over at Techraptor took some time to play A.E.G.I.S. and have a written review on their site! Check it out and get a peak at the new contents of the updated Sky Guard core set!  We also sent review copies to Ace from BoardGameGeek, Raine from Initiative Tabletop and Jonathan from GeekDad.  We’ll let you know when we post them.





That wraps up our news from August! We’ve got no time to rest, the Boston Festival of Indie Games approaches on September 10th at MIT, so be sure to come by and say hello! So until next time…

Fight and Unite!