Take 5 February: Victory Edition

Just two months to go until PAX, but that doesn’t mean we’ve just been waiting around. The Zephyr Workshop team has been super busy during the month of February. We have conventions, game challenges, new team members, and some fantastic PAX news all in this month’s Take 5.

With that, here are the top five news bits for February 2016!


TotalconWe were happy to attend Totalcon 30 this year for our 3rd year at the event! We met some great new people and saw some familiar faces, like superfan Nick Pingal!



We’ve got some great PAX news this month, Zephyr Workshop will have its own booth! We have some big plans and lots of cool stuff to look at, so check us out in the tabletop section right next to our publisher Greenbrier Games!






The G this month stands for the MassDigi Game Challenge. This was our 5th year attending the event and we competed in the Indie Alpha category with our digital game Florafiora, in collaboration with the fantastic engineering team from Mob Made Games and the wonderful artist Emily Hancock as well as our own in-house designers and engineers. Be sure to check out Descendants: Voidborne, an awesome space strategy game made by Mob Made Games which is hitting Kickstarter soon!


i-logoTowards the end of the month we got a chance to speak with James Olchowski of Pioneer Valley Nerd Watch  about A.E.G.I.S. Our lead designer, Breeze, even sat down for an interview!

This interview was captured by our new videographer Andy Morrow! He does fantastic work and we look forward to working with him for more content!




What does the S stand for this month? It might be Seedizens, the adorable denizens of Florafiora, or it might be stars, of which we took two home from the MassDigi Game Challenge! Not only did we win the Indie Alpha category, but we also won People’s Choice for the entire event!


Game ChallengeShoutout to our good friend Michael Epstein of Copper Frog Games who was competing in the Indie Beta category, as well as to Petricore for the awesome showdown in the finals! Congratulations to Broken Door Studios with their VR game Intern Astronaut for winning the grand prize! And a special thanks to Mob Made Games, Emily Hancock, and Alex St Martin for lending us his pitching abilities for the challenge, we couldn’t have done it without you!


It’s been a busy month, but there can be no rest when there are giant robots to make! In March we’re looking forward to more events, such as GDC, as well as getting ever closer to PAX and the long awaited A.E.G.I.S Kickstarter! So until next time…



Star Seedizen


Fight and Unite!