Take 5 January: New Year, New Conventions

Time flies when you’re having fun and designing robots, and we’re already a month into 2016 and a month closer to the A.E.G.I.S Kickstarter! Our New Years resolution was to bring the gospel of giant robots to more people, and we’ve already started the year with a bang!

With that, here are the top five news bits for January 2016!


a-logoArisiaOur first convention of the year was Arisia, the oldest sci fi convention! Breeze was on a game design panel along with our friend Chris from Mob Made Games! We also hosted “A.E.G.I.S Midnight Madness” on Saturday and met a bunch of awesome people!



A.E.G.I.S turned 3 years old on January 26th! We’d like to give a big thank you to everyone who has joined us in our love for giant robots! We made a giant year in review post to celebrate which you can find here.





GraftonOn the 20th, we went out to a masonic lodge in Grafton to demo at their board game night for a bunch of awesome teens! We had a fantastic time and it was great seeing how quickly they picked up the game!




At the same time as Arisia, Breeze participated in FIG Talks, giving a talk alongside Mustachio Games‘ Oleg Brodskiy! The talk was about the common pitfalls of working on a large project for multiple years.





On the 21st, Breeze participated in the Startup Worcester game showcase day to show off how far we’ve come since last year. We demoed in front of several prolific business people and politicians from the Worcester area. Also there were our good friends from Petricore, Ryan Canuel and Oliver Awat.




It’s starting out as an exciting year for Zephyr Workshops! Stay tuned for more A.E.G.I.S news!

Fight and Unite!